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Chapattis n Curries




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Chapattis' n Curries



Chapattis n Curries  Homestyle!


Love curries?

Want to create your own "masterpieces"?


Then ‘Chapattis n Curries’ cookery classes are for you!

Manchester/Stockport based classes, curry, courses, Full day classes, cooperate events, interactive team building chapatti class, tailored classes.

 We believe you should be able to cook delicious curries in quick time and with our courses we can show you how...

Join us and ​make delicious, tasty  

"Chapattis n Curries"  confidently. every time, in our FUN and very HANDS-ON Classes.

Make your own dough and learn how to turn it into perfect soft chapattis, and watch them rise over a live flame.

With our courses you will create your curries with full supervision and guidance, step by step. 

You’ll be able to take home all the food you make during class and impress yourself, your family and friends.


Real Food, Great Taste, in quick time! 


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