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Tailored sessions

1:1 cooking

Private session 1:1

We can offer you a private 1:1 session at the school or at your place (providing it has a working kitchen with essential appliances)  

Guaranteed you will be joyful in all your learning experience and will have spiced up those culinary skills for life.

Let us know you want to learn and we can tailor a session to suit and more.

Middle Eastern Food

Private Party
2-10 people

Private group sessions to give you that full-on interactive experience.  Tasting, cooking, team building  experience and eating or taking away your masterpieces.  Whatever you decide, you will definitely be going through a spice storm of flavors' , awakening your pallet like never before and having a lively interactive experience throughout.

Middle Eastern Food
Kitchen Interior with Island

At your kitchen Venue

If you prefer Chapattis n Curries coming to your place with a show of culinary skills and a spice bomb of flavors, to enhance your curry menus; we will be more than delighted to do just that and more to oblige you to taste all you see and even join in the art.  What a treat!

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