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Samosa & Making (Full Day)
  • Samosa & Making (Full Day)

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    Half Day Samosa making Experience.

    Learn how to make the best tastiest samosas ever!


    This is not an easy class need to be patient and be ready to learn lots of new steps to make a complete samosa.  (you will be making more than one)  a little time consuming however, the end result is all worth the hard work you put in.  Just worth it!

    A truly rich skill to have in Indian cooking. Give your culinary skills a boost. Learn from the chef the top tips and skills and all the culinary secrets you need to make the best samosas ever tasted.

    Become an expert in making and tasting the mixture to your preference.

    Make the dough from scratch and learn the different techniques to making samosa pockets. Fill them and fry them; ready to taste, freshly made and and seasoned with the right balance of spices, bursting with tantalising flavour with every bite.

    Eat with complimentary chutneys. Take home or eat in and share with friends and family.

    Ample Samosa to take home or eat in the class diner.

    1. Make samosa mix

    2. Make samosa dough

    3. Make the samosa pockets

    4. Make samosa glue

    5. Fill samosa

    6. Fry samosa


    Eat with tasty chutney...mmmmm!


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