(1 hr) Curry-online
  • (1 hr) Curry-online


    Curry ONLINE!


    Authentic curry class 1hr, Fun, Interactive, informative


    Learn as you cook with the chef:


    1. Step bey step -(cook- in -sync) with the chef.

    2. Lots of advice and tips to follow.

    3. Best way to cook

    4. EASY to follow


    £5 discount for Spice kit with this purchase and discount on recipes too.


    a) After purchase you will receive an option of what to cook,

    b) list of ingredients to purchase,

    c) Guide on how to prep ingredients for the session,

    d) You will be sent a link to join the meeting at agreed time.


    Please note - no recording of the class sessions are allowed.


    Any questions during session will be answered during the quiet moments only - Please do not interrupt the chef whilst in the middle of the cooking session - you could miss an important part of the cooking process.


    Thank you and Curry-on-live!

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